Monthly Archives: December 2015

snö Event Support

snö Gel sponsors the World famous CELTMAN! Extreme Scottish Triathlon and The Abloc Winter Challenge Cycling Race. We are proud to support these difficult and demanding events in Scandinavia and the UK. Both events offer the ideal environment for field testing of the fabulous Arctic Gels on endurance athletes...
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Lazy day by the camp fire

3 days of back country snow-shoeing had taken it's toll. It was time for a rest. The team unpacked their bags, stoked the fire and began to prepare food. The pain in the muscles was real and Suzanne reached into the pack for her Recovery Gel. It was such a pleasant feeling to massage the…
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Who needs thermal underwear?

Preparing for a days nordic skiing is as much about warmth as maintaining energy reserves. Applying the Support gel generously Anders was ensuring his day would be comfortable and safe....  Faster warm up times and a wonderful and comforting feeling kept him in great condition. Your story: If you have a story to tell about…
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