The Story

snö Swedish Arctic Gels - The Origins

The Nordic lifestyle enjoyed in Sweden commands and promotes physical activity.  From forest walks and trail runs to lake swimming, kayaking, hunting, cross country skiing and even reindeer herding!, life in Scandinavia demands the body to perform optimally.

Every active person needs to perform and recover efficiently.  We don’t all bounce back as quickly as we would like.

And so snö Swedish Arctic Gels were born.  Created by Swedish scientists at Natumin Pharma using the finest ingredients they offer three fabulous Nordic performance and recovery aids.

snö Support uses the thermotherapeutic combination of Menthol, Camphor and Arnica to provide pre-activity warmth to muscles.  Thus reducing the need for warm-up, this is particularly useful in cold conditions.

snö Relief provides a cryothermic cooling sensation with an analgesic to injuries sustained during activity.

snö Recovery is the restorative gem of the range, improving blood flow/ vasodilatation and helping to alleviate “second day pain”.

snö Swedish Arctic Gels from Natumin Pharma, Sweden.  Don't leave home without them!

Nordic vision


Quality ingredients and high standards

We source all of our ingredients carefully and manufacture the gels in our state of the art GMP facility in Habo, Sweden. Habo was voted "Best place to live in Sweden" in 2012 by the Swedish magazine Fokus.


High efficacy for maximum performance

Our gels will provide you with extreme comfort and make the outdoor experience complete. Warm, Cold or Reviving, the range is complete!


Event Support

snö Swedish Arctic Gels are proud to support the CELTMAN! Extreme Scottish Triathlon and the Abloc Winter Challenge Cycle race in Sweden.