What makes these products unique ?

The snö range is unique because unlike other brands of pain-relieving gels the ingredients are specifically tailored to serve a particular function. From faster warm up rates to effective pain relief and improved blood flow the snö products perform superbly.
They are also presented in a clean and efficient airless pump for no mess and with optimum levels of menthol you can use on the whole body.

What sports and activities are the products suitable for?

Anything which gets your heart rate up, stresses muscles or is considered a physical activity. You don't have to be a super-athlete to use snö, they are suited to everybody!

What does being Swedish bring to the product?

The producers of snö, Natumin Pharma are a Swedish manufacturer of highly sophisticated health and medical products. snö gels are produced in their GMP factory in Habo, Sweden to exacting standards. Sweden is famous for quality of life and you can have a little bit of the Nordic lifestyle in your kit bag with snö gels!

How do I use the products?

It's a very simple principle - SUPPORT should be used Before activity, RELIEF during or if injured and RECOVERY after activity.